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Wiederstein Pure Angus Farm - Audubon, Iowa

Our Story

Edward Wiederstein

Our family farm was started in 1879.  Seven generations have populated our farm with the latest generation being our eight grandchildren.  In all those years, livestock has been the backbone of our farming operation.  Changes have occurred along the way starting with the transition from purebred Herefords to purebred Angus in the early 1960’s.  When I started farming in 1973, our operation migrated to purebred Angus but I also worked with some of the continental breeds.  As our family grew, so did our commercial herd.  In 2001 after finishing my tenure as the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation President, I had the chance to pursue my dream of a having a top quality purebred Angus herd.  The goal wasn’t to have just an ordinary herd of Angus cattle, but a superior herd of Angus cattle.   We find Angus genetics to be an exciting and limitless industry.  My goal is to produce the top genetics in my breeding operation and share these traits with our customers.  The best part of this business is the friendships we make along the way!

Ryan Wiederstein

Ryan Wiederstein is Ed and Nicki's eldest son.  Ryan grew up on the family farm and later attended and graduated from Drake University with a MIS degree.  Ryan served as the Chief Information Officer of R&R Realty Group and the President of Realty Technology Services for nearly 15 years.  Ryan has experience in real estate development, construction and has started several successful businesses.  Ryan operates a real estate management and development firm, WB Realty, in West Des Moines, Iowa with his wife, Reyna.  Ryan and Reyna are very active with their son, Charlie and all of his activies. Ryan's family enjoy's golf, traveling and renovating homes.  

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